Anti Wrinkle Serum

anti wrinkle serumThere are so many serums on the market, finding the best can be exhausting to say the least. You can find them from a few dollars at your local store, to a hundred dollars or more per bottle at luxury skin care spas and department stores.

So what should you look for? It’s simple – use products with higher strengths of the active ingredients which are proven to work. Believe it or not the best ones don’t necessarily cost a lot.

What is the best wrinkle serum? That all all depends upon the problems you are trying to treat. We all have different needs so there is no universal answer. Only you can decide.



To understand what you need to be looking for in an anti-aging product, you first need some basic knowledge about what these products are made of. The following reviews can help you find the best anti wrinkle serum for both the quality and the money.

The Base
Almost all creams and serums are made with a base. This is usually a mixture of water and some type of oil. Petroleum jelly (Vaseline) may also be used. As the name implies, it’s a by product of petroleum (oil). It was actually discovered by accident as a by product that formed during drilling.

Because the above products are so cheap to make, skin care manufacturers love using them in their products. Often times, they use too much of the “cheap stuff” and not enough of the “good stuff.” What is the good stuff? We will talk about that next.

Active Ingredients
This is the good stuff. This is what you need to pay attention to when shopping for an anti-wrinkle serum. You want as much of these ingredients as possible, and less (or none) of the base products. However because these substances are usually costly to produce, skin care companies often cut corners and only put a little bit of them into your serum. If you’ve wondered why the stuff you buy at the store doesn’t work… that’s the reason.

So what ingredient should you be looking for? Well there are a few that have been proven effective in treating the signs of aging. However they don’t all work equally. We will discuss what we consider the best one in a moment, but first let’s talk about some of the others which are also beneficial.

In a nutshell, these tell your skin to produce more collagen. As you probably already know, collagen is perhaps the most important part of your skin. When you’re young you have a lot of it, but as you age, the amount drastically decreases. The result is thin, dry, and wrinkled skin. They also help to bring copper into your skin. Now you may be asking why the heck you need the same stuff pennies are made of in your face?! Well, research points to copper helping in the healing of your skin. But before you go grind up a penny and smother it on your face, you need to realize that in order to be the most effective, you need to penetrate the deepest levels of your skin. Because peptides are so tiny, they are great at working their way deep.

Now this works in an entirely different the way than the other popular ingredients. It works in an exfoliating manner, by changing the way your skin works. What it does is cause you to shed and replace the cells faster. Why would you want to do this? Well, when you were younger your skin does this more frequently. This has been proven effective but you should be warned that most retinol serums you find at the store contain very little of it.

Hyaluronic Acid
In the world of anti wrinkle treatments, this might be considered the holy grail. This is what is used in injections like Restylane. And while they may work great for filling up big wrinkles, the drawback is that they have to re-done in around 6 months and it does nothing to address your fine lines or other the rest of your face because it’s only injected in one tiny area. Plus it costs a few hundred dollars per treatment.

Recently, this ingredient has been found effective when applied topically in certain formulations that can penetrate the surface of the skin. Unfortunately though it’s expensive to make. Some brands put an itty-bitty amount in their products just so they can say it contains hyaluronic acid, but if you read the fine print, you will there’s hardly any in the bottle.

What’s The Best Anti Wrinkle Serum?
There are a few companies which are currently manufacturing excellent products with these ingredients in very high concentrations. I have experimented with many of the leading brands and my personal choice are the products from Is Clinical Skincare. The Is Clinical Active Serum is what I use, but the Is Clinical Super Serum is also a great choice. That being said, I haven’t tried everything, so I’m sure there are others which are equally impressive.