Best Over The Counter Wrinkle Cream

best over the counter wrinkle creamWant to know the truth about which is the best over the counter wrinkle cream? Believe it or not, there are only a couple worthy prescription anti-wrinkle creams and you can get the same ingredients as them in many OTC formulations! The secret is to getting products with the highest concentration legally allowed for over the counter. Or in other words, wrinkle cream and serums that have a level that is just barely below that cutoff point.



Many people ask what is the “magic ingredient” that makes some require a prescription? Well, the truth my may surprise you. There is actually only one that is approved by the FDA for anti-aging symptoms. The ingredient is a form of vitamin A called retinol. Usual skin care products use an acid form of this. It’s extremely effective because it increases how fast your skin cells grow and replace the old ones. There are only a couple prescriptions currently that have this ingredient in it. They work good, but they’re far from being the best. Why? Because their formulations don’t include any of the other groundbreaking ingredients that have been clinically proven effective at fighting wrinkles. So in other words, the RX versions are only good for one thing.

The Advantage of Over-The-Counter
That means you’re in luck. The best wrinkle creams out there are actually over the counter. The unfortunately part is you won’t find them at your local drugstore. You see the companies carried at those places are mega multi-billion dollar conglomerates. For liability reasons they don’t like to sell very strong concentrations. They’re afraid of lawsuits by people for skin peeling and irritation. So what to they do? They sell week creams. So you have to look elsewhere…

Who Sells The Strongest Ones?
A number of stores online and many dermatologists sell these stronger versions. There’s no prescription required because although many use a higher amount of retinol, they do it just below the cutoff point for it to still be over-the-counter. Not only are they extremely effective, but also more cost effective. True, they often do cost more than what you see at Walgreens, but they’re almost always way cheaper than the RX alternatives. And remember, because those are cosmetic, insurance doesn’t cover them. So if you go to a doctor and get prescribed it, you will be paying close to $200 out of pocket just for one tube… ouch!

Our Favorite Ingredient
But back to those other ingredients we mentioned. What are they? Well, the one we can’t recommend enough is something called hyaluronic acid. You may have heard of this before because this is the same stuff used in restylane. But skin care companies like Is Clinical Skincare are finding it also can help to apply it to the surface of your skin, too.

Now don’t expect any drastic change like you would if you shot your face up with a bunch of this stuff, but it has been clinically proven in many instances in wrinkle reduction. It also aides in collagen production so it’s an active approach to take to improve your skin, rather than just trying to fix it. The great part is that hyaluronic acid skin care products are becoming more and more affordable as they surge in popularity.